Welcome to the Kingston BA Illustration Animation CHS Keywords WikiEdit

Welcome to the Illustration Animation Keywords Wiki.

This is where you can search for definitions of the keywords in the history and theory of illustration and animation from Critical and Historical Studies modules. You can also upload and edit your own keywords and definitions.


How it worksEdit

If you have what you think is a keyword that hasn't been included in the wiki so far, create a new page and provide a starting definition. Try and define it in your own words, but you can also supply quotations from other sources to support your definition. For example, you could supplement your definitions with quotations from art and design history reference sources found via the Credo Reference database, accessible through the iCat Database list: Or you might want to take information from the Tate's glossary of art terms:

You can put your pages into relevant categories like Modernity, Modernism, etc.

You can also edit and refine existing definitions, but please act collaboratively and be respectful of other people's work. If you're really enthusiastic you can add relevant images and videos!

Keywords added so farEdit

HA4103 TB1: Industrialisation; Urbanisation; Cinema of Attractions; Avant-garde; Abstraction; Commercial Modernism; Conceptual Illustration; Counterculture; Subculture; Pastiche; Nobrow

HA4103 TB2: Psychogeography; Visual Literacy; Sense of Place; Ethnography;

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